You Can Get Med School Credit For Editing Wikipedia Pages Now

Frantic symptom-Googling may get a little less terrifying.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Using the Internet to diagnose your health issues can get dicey. One minute you’re looking for hangover cures, the next you’ve been convinced you have both gout and bubonic plague and need the promptest medical attention.

In an effort to clear up the misinformation and sensationalism that often surround the world of online symptom-searching, the University of California, San Francisco, is offering course credit to its medical students if they edit Wikipedia articles about diseases, the New York Times reports.

“We as a profession have our corpus of knowledge, and we owe it as a profession to educate the lay public,” Dr. Amin Azzam, a health sciences associate clinical professor at the U.C.S.F. School of Medicine, is quoted as saying (rather stuffily, tbh) in the Times.

Here’s what we lay people are wondering: when will we start being rewarded for adding academic close-reads of ’90s rap songs to Wikipedia?