Amazon Is Prodding the FAA to Let Flyers Use Wi-Fi During Takeoff and Landing

Can we get some Gogo credits too?

"Wi-Fi is fine!" - Bezos

“Wi-Fi is fine!” – Mr. Bezos

As the Federal Aviation Authority continues to reevaluate its archaic in-flight electronic rules, it might add another distraction to its list: Wi-Fi.

The panel decided that Wi-Fi can be utilized during all portions of the flight — from “gate to gate”– because the airplanes “are going to be just fine.” That goes against its longstanding current rules that using electronics or on-board Wi-Fi disrupts the cockpit’s electronics and could cause chaos. Cellular use after the pilot says to turn off your phones would still remain banned.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Amazon has been prodding the FAA to loosen its in-flight electronic rules because the Kindle-maker could reap the benefits. The company apparently ran its own tests to determine whether electronics mess with aircraft and shockingly found that they don’t.

 The panel’s recommendations will be released to the FAA soon, but it’s unclear when–or if–the new rules will be enacted. Amazon said they’re under the impression that it would be “not years, but months.”

And now everyone is forced to buy a Kindle to reciprocate Jeff Bezos’ kindness.