Apps Are Crashing Twice as Often on the iPhone 5S as on Other Apple Phones

The S stands for "Shit, not again."

When it works, sure. (Photo: iPhone)

When it works, sure. (Photo: iPhone)

If you’re excited to finally ditch your old phone for an iPhone 5S — settle down. According to app research firm Crittercism, apps are twice as likely to crash on the new Apple device compared to the iPhone 5C and 5. That could create a lot of problems during a heated round of Candy Crush.

The firm monitored millions of app launches and discovered that apps opened on the 5S crashed two percent of the time, which is more than double that of the other phones it tested. The problem is two fold. First, the guts of the 5S are different (a.k.a. faster) than the other phones, so developers could be having compatibility issues. And secondly, not all apps are primed for iOS 7 which might be causing some problems.

The problems only compound the issues, such as bending and screwed up sensors, that the new gadget is encountering. The good news is that it’s just growing pains and it won’t have a long-term affect on the phone:

“Anytime there is new hardware or software release, we see issues,” said Andrew Levy to AllThingsD. “Inevitably, over time, those issues get resolved.”

Hey, at least your space grey casing looks super futuristic.