Booting Up: If You Are Wondering, Steve Ballmer Still Hasn’t Left Microsoft

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released his final letter to stockholders yesterday with no sign of when he’s going to leave. [AllThingsD]

According to planning documents, Facebook’s housing development has an area called the “Quad” and six-foot walls surrounding it. Is there at least an iced coffee kegerator? [Valleywag]

Here’s everything you need to know about those ridiculous 55 inch touch screens (they’re not iPads!) in the even more ridiculously titled “Fox News Deck.” [TechCrunch]

Broadcasters in Utah are suing Aereo using the same claim that the IAC-owned company is retransmitting its content without permission. [The Verge]

Beats Headphones is launching a music streaming service because that’s exactly what the world needs. [TNW]