BuzzFeed’s Copyranter Fired For Not Being ‘BuzzFeed-y Enough’

Mark 'Copyranter' Duffy

Mark Duffy’s official corporate BuzzFeed photo ID.

Mark Duffy aka Mark Copyranter was fired from BuzzFeed for not being “BuzzFeed-y Enough,” he announced in a Facebook post this morning.

Mr. Duffy, who spent 20 years as a copywriter, took his much-loved blog over to BuzzFeed in April 2012.

Mr. Duffy wrote:

I got fired at BuzzFeed this week, because my content wasn’t inline with what BuzzFeed wanted (wasn’t “BuzzFeedy” enough).

I got three more weeks working there as a buffer, but I’m already freelancing.

I am looking for a full-time gig. I’ve got a built-in substantial following, especially on Twitter ( And, I will work my ass for you.

Reference from my boss, Ben Smith, is available upon request.

But earlier this fall, Mr. Duffy wrote a very BuzzFeed-y listicle poking fun at his situation, where he posted 23 photos and gifs showing what it’s like being the oldest employee at the site.

I am old enough to be the father of nearly every other editorial employee.
And, these whiz-kids completely baffle me, daily.
I am in a constant state of bafflement at BF HQ.
IN fact, I’ve never been more confused, day-in and day-out, in my life.
I am not being hyperbolic, for once.

“Unless you’re offering a full-time job, I have nothing to say to you,” Mr. Duffy wrote to us when we reached out for comment.

[Correction 11:54 am]: An earlier version of this post said that Mr. Duffy wrote his BuzzFeed post about being the oldest BuzzFeed employee today. Actually, he wrote it last month.