Cookie High

C is for Crack.

C is for Crack.

Taking a bite out of a delicious Oreo stimulates the brain in the same way that doing a line of cocaine or taking a shot (a shot?) of morphine will, according to a new study. So that explains why Cookie Monster is so desperate for his next fix.

According to student researchers at Connecticut College, lab rats who ate the creamy-centered cookie formed the same type of association with it as they did with harder drugs.

“Our research supports the theory that high-fat/ high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do,” said study leader and Neuroscience Professor Joseph Schroeder.

But why, specifically, Oreos? Wouldn’t eating a candy bar have the same effect?

“We chose Oreos not only because they are America’s favorite cookie, and highly palatable to rats, but also because products containing high amounts of fat and sugar are heavily marketed in communities with lower socioeconomic statuses,” she said. In one study, the rats were given a maze which had rice cakes on one side, Oreos on the other. The rats went for the cookies, no d’uh.

Oh, so this is a rat thing. Maybe rats just love Oreo’s as much (if not more!) than they love being mainlined hard stimulants?  (We know we would, but we have a sweet tooth.) Maybe those rats were choco-holics?

No word yet whether that impulse was made stronger with the addition of soy milk, or if other cookies, say, Schmackary’s Maple Bacon Cookie, would be the crack equivalent to the Oreo’s cocaine.