De Blasio Responds to Lhota’s Doomsday Ad With a Cheery One

Chiara de Blasio in the ad.

Chiara de Blasio in the ad.

A day after Joe Lhota released an ad warning of apocalyptic results if rival Bill de Blasio is elected mayor–complete with photos of race riots and corpses–Mr. de Blasio is out with a new spot of his own.

But Mr. de Blasio’s ad, narrated by his daughter Chiara, is almost saturated in sweetness.

“From the start of this campaign, Bill de Blasio has offered a vision for New York that leaves no one behind. Now that my dad’s on the move. His opponents are on the attack,” says the older of the de Blasio kids, wearing her signature rose-adorned headband, as cheery music plays.

A newspaper headline noting that Mr. Lhota had launched “his nastiest campaign attack yet” briefly appears but the ad continues its upbeat messaging about Mr. de Blasio’s agenda.

His daughter finishes by jokingly referencing her brother, Dante, who became a household name after starring in the most famous ad of the primary season.

“All of this attention is a good thing,” she concludes, “as long as it’s not your little brother.”

Watch the new de Blasio campaign ad below: