Etsy Sellers Are Allowed to Mass Produce Their Sepia-Toned Wares Now

Bring on the reusable cotton maxipads!



Etsy has always been the Hannah Horvath to eBay’s Lena Dunham–kinda similar to the shiny successful one, but more disheveled and without anything valuable to offer besides spunk and quirkiness.

Well, now Etsy’s DIY vibe is giving way at least a little bit. The fake-bird-glued-to-a-stick marketplace said on Tuesday that its sellers are now permitted to sell items that are produced by “manufacturing partners,” USA Today reports, meaning your bedazzled bridesmaid undies might be–gasp!–mass produced from now on. Also, sellers are now allowed to hire staff and have other companies ship their goods.

In the past, the site required users to only sell “handmade” goods. Now, with Etsy’s permission following an application process, sellers can use outside manufacturers to produce items they designed, AP reports.

Sellers will have to have an “about” page that includes the deets on their outside manufacturers. Re-selling non-vintage items is still not allowed, so eBay is still your one-stop shop for unloading gifts from your recent ex.