Fertility and Fitness Apps Join Forces in the Name of Science (And Anxiety)

Quantify your uterus and your stomach all at once.

Pregnant and quantified. (Photo: Glowing.com)

Pregnant and quantified. (Photo: Glowing.com)

“Am I pregnant?” and “What is my BMI?” are two of the most anxiety-inducing questions facing any sexually active woman. That’s why it’s disconcerting that diet-and-workout app MyFitnessPal and fertility app Glow have joined forces–but Glow’s CEO swears it’s in the name of science.

“BMI is a big factor in one’s chance to get pregnant,” CEO Mike Huang told TechCrunch. “If you are too high, or too low below the established norm, it can cause you to have more irregular menstrual cycles and have more difficulty conceiving.”

Hmm, okay, pure enough motives. Later, the partnership will seek to incorporate even more data to fully quantify a woman’s health and fertility, TechCrunch reports.

“Our core mission is around data,” Mr. Huang tells TechCrunch. “Eventually, this could incorporate all sorts of data–how users eat, drink, and exercise–into our machine learning algorithm.”

Fine, just don’t expect us to watch our BMIs once we actually get pregnant, okay, startup CEOs?