For Public Advocate Today: Daniel Squadron

In today’s runoff election for public advocate, The New York Observer reiterates our endorsement of State Senator Daniel Squadron, who has been a voice for small business development, more-reliable public transportation and more parks, especially on the East River waterfront.

We will also note the folly–it’s a disgrace, actually–of spending $13 million to hold a runoff election exclusively to decide the fate of an office with a $2 million budget.  A tax on every single New Yorker of $1.50 might not seem like a big deal, but it’s not just the money. It’s the fact that a tiny percentage of voters will now decide who occupies this office, which is first in line to succeed the mayor.

Fewer than 25 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in the primary three weeks ago. It’s difficult to imagine that number reaching even 10 percent in today’s election. It just doesn’t make sense. The city should amend our election laws to award the primary victory for down ballot races to the top vote-getter.

Unfortunately, it looks as though that won’t happen any time soon. It would take a charter revision, which is a brutally complicated and fraught process. And so it goes.

Polls are open to registered Democrats until 9 p.m. To find your polling place, go to or call 866-VOTE-NYC.

For Public Advocate Today: Daniel Squadron