Giggling, Fed-Up Concierges Call Out Dopey NYC Tourists on Tumblr

Times Square, the tourist trap.

Times Square, the tourist trap.

When they aren’t meandering into bike lanes or fishing bills out of fanny packs to pay for pedicab rides, NYC tourists test the patience of their hotel staff in highly quotable ways. By logging guest chatter in their tumblr How May We Hate You, Times Square area concierges Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe confirm plenty of our assumptions about our city’s visitors. No, they don’t think the subway is easy to use. And yes, they’re very interested in visiting as many 9/11 sites as possible.

Although they’re both accomplished local comedians, Ms. Drezen and Mr. Briscoe allow the tourists spoof themselves. “We’re just doing our jobs normally – we’re not actively seeking crazy things,” Ms. Drezen said. When guests actually say stuff like, “We wanna do 2 things today: Eiffel Tower, and 9/11,” there’s not too much to add.

Ms. Drezen and Mr. Briscoe’s bosses know about the blog, and are letting it slide as long as the hotels remain unnamed. After all – not all of their story-worthy guests are nobodies.

“I once had to teach a Congresswoman’s Chief of Staff how to sign out of Yahoo Mail,” Mr. Briscoe shared. “And then how to empty the trash on the desktop.”

Maybe his moldy Yahoo account belonged in the trash bin too?