Heads Up, Teens: Your Parents Are Secretly Snooping Through Your Phones

Don't let them fool you.

Mo-ommmm. (Photo: Getty images)

Mo-ommmm. (Photo: Getty images)

Parents may seem like dopey tech neophytes, but new data implies that for some olds, the ignorance is just a clever ruse.

Among smartphone users ages 8 to 17, 43 percent say their parents occasionally check their smartphones. A neat 43 of parents also say they check their kids’ phones with their knowledge, according to The Harris Poll.

But an additional 35 percent of parents are checking their kids’ phones without them knowing. And, while 20 percent of kids think their parents track their locations via cell phone, in reality, about 25 percent of parents are doing it.

This means a bunch of kids’ parents are secretly tracking them as they head up to Make Out Point with their crush–or, they know their kids are just getting stoned and watching TV for hours in each others’ basements.

So, kiddos, next time your mom pretends she doesn’t know her way around a Facebook comment, don’t think it means you can do whatever the hell you want on your phone. Sadly, when your parents say they weren’t born yesterday, they’re right.