High-Tech Earbuds Will Tailor Songs to Your Crappy Mood

Or if you're Betabeat, they'll just play "Let's Get it On" over and over.

Well they sure look fancy. (Photo: research.microsoft.com)

Well they sure look fancy. (Photo: research.microsoft.com)

Sometimes, people have a hard time understanding how to leave you the Christ alone when you’re in a crappy mood. But since technology is constantly striving to be better than people, a new pair of earbuds can not only detect your bleak mood, but lift you out of the mean reds through the power of pop ballads.

The Microsoft earbuds “incorporate health monitoring and mood detection” software, so they can monitor your heart rate, temperature and other biorhythms, PSFK reports. A corresponding app called Musical Heart “uses biorhythms to pick up on your current mood and then play a song best suited to remedy the situation,” PSFK says.

So if you get really mad at a co-worker, your trusty headphones might start playing “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” from the beginning of Grease. Or maybe if you’re feeling sluggish and you need to wake the eff up, the earbuds will serve up some vintage Prince?

If the earbuds sound a little nosy, though, it’s because they are: you can also use them to correct your posture (whoa, slow down there, killer) and to record a health and exercise diary. The project is only in the research phases right now, though, so until it comes out for real, you’ll have to rely on your grandma to yell at you about your posture and micromanage your moods.