It’s a Scary World Out There! (Video)

Ugh, come on. (YouTube)

Ugh, come on. (YouTube)

Just a friendly reminder: New York City is full of terrifying monsters, and maybe you should keep your children away from Union Square for awhile.

Jeez, those kids are already so blase and world-weary. (That’s how you know they are real New York tots!) Add to this the fact that the (probably) non-ironic title for this video is “Just a typical pre-school field trip in NYC” and we’d be surprised if you didn’t start looking at some places in Westchester with a better public school system and less disgusting, loin-cloth-clothed men. Is that a sight you want your baby to be able to nonchalently shrug off because it’s just “another typical day” in this terrifying city? No, your baby should be scared for weeks–nay, months!–after viewing such a display of crude behavior.

God, this place. Blech.

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