Japanese Techies Manage to Invent Google Glass Knockoff That’s Even Dorkier-Looking than the Original

Take a number, ladies.

Cool (Photo: Getty)

Cool (Photo: Getty)

A Japenese tech company’s answer to Google Glass has a lot of rad abilities, like translating written text and recognizing faces.

But it’s hard to focus on anything but the clunky, Star Trek-y look of NTT Docomo’s Intelligent Glass. Frankly, it makes Google Glass wearers look positively chic.

The company is pushing it as a great tool for tourists, according to the BBC, because it can translate Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean text.

“Character recognition technology enables instant language translation for users travelling abroad and reading restaurant menus and other documents,” NTT Docomo is quoted as saying.

The translation takes over five seconds, BBC reports. We can just imagine how thrilled European waiters will be with the tourists who stroll in wearing these chunks of plastic on their faces, forcing them to stand silently while their face computer translates the menu.