Joe Lhota Flexes Liberal Credentials in First General Election Ad

An image from Lhota's ad.

An image from Lhota’s ad.

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota is trying to cut into rival Bill de Blasio’s commanding lead with a new ad that squarely targets Democratic voters.

“Bill de Blasio is pro-choice; Joe Lhota is pro-choice. Lhota supports gay marriage; de Blasio supports gay marriage. Both support decriminalizing marijuana,” begins the 30-second spot, which marks the first from either candidate in the general election.

But after touting their shared socially liberal credentials, the ad hits on what makes Mr. Lhota different: his fiscal restraint.

“De Blasio wants to raise taxes and supports reckless government spending, Lhota wants to cut wasteful government spending, putting more money back in your pocket,” says a narrator.

“Democrats agree,” he adds. “Joe Lhota is New York.”

The spot, which was recorded in both English and Spanish, will air on cable and broadcast stations across the city, according to the campaign. A spokeswoman did not immediately respond to questions about the size of the buy.

Watch the full ad below: