Kristen Schaal Solves the Sexy Halloween Conundrum Once and For All (Video)

The most delicious kind of costume. (Comedy Central)

The most delicious kind of costume. (Comedy Central)

It may not have always been the case, but in the last couple years, Halloween has become as soul-sucking and joyless as that other, shrieking-harridan of a holiday, Valentine’s Day. Because we’ve forgotten how to have fun, really, in between all the politicizing of “sexy costumes,” the feminist screeds against (and occasionally, for!) skimpy clothing and Fox News fear-mongering that your baby is being dressed like a slut. It’s like, the best solution we’ve come up with to deal with the fact that ladies want to look good on Halloween but don’t want to be objectified is to fund a Kickstarter so next year we can all go as Baba Yaga.

That’s why we were happy to find Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show last night, offering up the perfect Halloween costume for the ladies: A vagina with pizza on top.

The Daily Show
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Ah. Perfect. Let’s just all go as that, this year. Only £39.99 (plus cost of pizza)!