LA School District Politely Asking for iPads Back From Teens Who ‘Hacked’ Them

"They carted them out of every classroom in sixth period," said one student.

Not teen proof. (Photo: Apple)

Not teen proof. (Photo: Apple)

A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District had the genius idea of handing out iPads to their students. Well, it turns out giving the devices to the digitally adjusted Facebook fiends was dumbest thing one could do with taxpayers’ money, so they’re taking them back.

The program was eliminated after the school district wasn’t pleased after students “hacked” (i.e. figuring out ways around the iPad’s shoddy security limitations as imposed by the school). The Los Angeles Times writes that it annoyed district officials so much that they’re asking for the iPads back.

Yeah, right! Only two-thirds of the 2,100 iPads handed out were returned–about 700 of the iPads weren’t returned yet. A student told the LAT that they “carted them out of every classroom in sixth period,” which really puts a damper on lunch.

LAUD is working with Apple to develop a teen-proof solution for the iPads, but they probably won’t be returned until at least December.

The district did admit that they were pretty impressed with the teens’ ingenuity that they’re actually considering an “anti-hacking committee” for the students.

And you thought the A/V club was nerdy.