Madison Square Garden May Add a Bathroom Wait Time App So At Least You Can Enjoy Some Sort of Victory

You're not missing much anyway.

Newish MSG. (Photo: Facebook)

Newish MSG. (Photo: Facebook)

Drinking so much beer your bladder nearly explodes is a time-honored tradition for sports fans. But deciding when to rush to the bathroom without missing anything could be hampered by long lines. The New York Post reports that the problem might soon finally be solved at Madison Square Garden.

The Garden is looking into creating an app that gives fans an indication of how long the bathroom lines are. It’s part of MSG’s $1 billion renovation as it loads up with “leading-edge technology” since they have to do something because they’re stuck with the basically winless Rangers. It’s expected to be rolled out within the next year.

The app is being developed by SAP, which is gearing up to launch a similar perk at the new San Francisco 49ers stadium in 2014. In addition to bathroom lines, it also points people to the shortest beer and food lines as well as transmitting NFL Redzone right to people’s phones.

Add in a Seamless function, and maybe we’d consider being sporty for once.