Man Claims His Son Saw Naked Pictures of Sprint Employees On His ‘New’ Phone

Kids are getting phones younger and younger these days.

Porn on there? (Photo: Sprint)

Porn on there? (Photo: Sprint)

When you buy a new phone, it typically comes with a lot of bloatware. However, a kid in California found a lot of junk too.

Arsen Garibyan filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Sprint because he claims that his young son saw pornographic images on a phone that the store claimed to be new. The suit, which was filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges a breach of contract, fraud and negligent infliction of emotional distress, according to KCBS-TV.

The phone was purchased two years from a Sprint-affiliated outlet–not a company owned store–in Pasadena. Mr. Garibyan claims that when his son turned on the phone, the explicit pictures were stored in the phone too.

According to the suit, the phone contained “full-body naked as well as genital-focused graphic pictures and videos” of the store’s employees.

A Sprint spokesperson distanced themselves from the incident, saying they terminated their relationship with the outlet and “does not condone this behavior.”

At least the kid got a taste of what he’ll see on Snapchat in a few years.