Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

Nikki Finke is leaving Deadline to run her own website, “All that’s left is for the lawyers to disentangle me from [Deadline owner Jay] Penske,” she tweeted yesterday afternoon. “I have no idea why he has fought so hard to keep me. I’ll be free soon.” (Twitter)

What should reporters learn in journalism school? (The Atlantic)

Vivian Schiller is leaving her post as chief digital officer for NBC News for a job at Twitter as head of news and journalism partnerships. (The New York Times)

Time Warner Cable will, in the next few months, offer Al Jazeera America to subscribers. (Ad Age)

Richard L. Berke, a veteran Times editor and correspondent, is leaving the paper of record to become executive editor of Politico. (The New York Times)