Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne.)

“What if Gawker tried to out an anchor at Fox News and no one cared?” writes David Carr. But what if David Carr devoted a whole column to said outing of a Fox anchor and we still don’t really care? (The New York Times)

How do different publications use Instagram? (Digiday)

“I prefer to think that I have joined the Globe, not purchased it, because great institutions, public and private, have stewards, not owners,” John W. Henry writes about buying The Boston Globe. (The Boston Globe)

Anna Wintour and Huma Abedin had lunch last week at the Lamb’s Club. The Post  floats several theories about why, but a source “insisted the two have been ‘friends for years,'” (Page Six, The New York Post)

The conference biz is boomin’ (The New York Times)