Mystery Drone Crash Misses NYC Businessman By Mere Feet

David Karp, report to the principal's office.

A German drone. (Photo: Getty)

A German drone. (Photo: Getty)

Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in WTF, a small helicopter drone crashed onto the ground just a few feet away from a businessman on the East Side of Manhattan during rush hour yesterday, ABC Local reports.

The suit found a memory card among the three-pound drone’s debris, and video taken from it “shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station,” ABC Local says.  

He called the cops and they did nothing “because they said no law was broken.”

So if we acquire a helicopter drone and–whoops!–accidentally crash it into the skull of our arch nemesis, we’re in the clear? Good to know.

Re: this particular case, if anyone saw a lanky man in a hoodie fleeing the scene on a motorcycle, please contact Betabeat immediately.