Mystery Drone Crash Misses NYC Businessman By Mere Feet

David Karp, report to the principal's office.

A German drone. (Photo: Getty)

A German drone. (Photo: Getty)

Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in WTF, a small helicopter drone crashed onto the ground just a few feet away from a businessman on the East Side of Manhattan during rush hour yesterday, ABC Local reports.

The suit found a memory card among the three-pound drone’s debris, and video taken from it “shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station,” ABC Local says. ¬†

He called the cops and they did nothing “because they said no law was broken.”

So if we acquire a helicopter drone and–whoops!–accidentally crash it into the skull of our arch nemesis, we’re in the clear? Good to know.

Re: this particular case, if anyone saw a lanky man in a hoodie fleeing the scene on a motorcycle, please contact Betabeat immediately.