New Moms Use Their Smartphones More Than Other Adults Do Because They’re Imprisoned by Diapers

Can you blame them?

Ugh homegirl, we have anxiety FOR you. (

Get this gal an iPhone so she can ignore her kid in ~style~ (

For most millennials, the idea of having children is terrifying enough without any scientific data. Giving up on Netflix binges and our pert little kale-nourished bodies in favor of making sure a screaming blob of meat doesn’t die on us? Um, no thanks.

So this new study is either a point in favor of reproduction, or a point against it, depending on how you feel about smartphone addiction. Research sponsored by AOL has determined that new moms use their smartphones more than any other adults do, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Moms whose kids are five years old or younger spent an average of 37 hours per month “using apps and websites on their smartphones,” the Times reports. They beat out even the millennials, who spent 31 hours per month doing the same, and older women, who spent 29.5 hours.

Tragically, the researchers “found that new moms turned to their phones as a ‘lifeline,'” the Times reports. That makes us feel bad for kvetching about all the baby pics clogging our news feeds. From the Times:

“The smartphone, they wrote, was a personal assistant to manage schedules, a social hub to connect with friends, a personal shopper to handle household needs, an ‘informer’ to get educated on a slew of new topics, and an escape hatch to get away from the new pressures of motherhood.”

So if you’re a young woman who feels she doesn’t get enough face time with her smartphone, why not say screw it and get pregnant? Your Candy Crush store will like, quadruple.