New Museum’s Lauren Cornell Talks to Filmmaker Laura Poitras, Who Helped Break Snowden Story

Ms. Poitras. (Courtesy

Poitras. (Courtesy

Over at Mousse magazine, Lauren Cornell, a curator at the New Museum, talked to documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, who, along with The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald, helped break the story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Interestingly, the interview discusses Ms. Poitras’s work from a visual-art angle.

In the words of Ms. Poitras:

“This is obviously a huge news story that I’m reporting on, but in addition I’m also doing it in the context of making films, or cinema, and I’m interested in talking about how those things intersect. For instance, how you can do on-the-ground reporting about the occupation of Iraq that gives insight into that war, that advances the public’s knowledge, and yet at the same time produce art and make people care about things. So talking to you gives me an opportunity to have a conversation about complex questions, and not a conversation that feeds the mainstream media news cycle.”

Read Ms. Cornell’s interview with her here.