Old People Are Sexting Now Because What, Do You Think They Were Born Yesterday?

You kids didn't invent sex, you know.

Oh, Boris! (Photo: Shermanave.com)

“Boris, this intimate photograph is the bee’s knees” (Photo: Shermanave.com)

Adding more proof that some Olds really do understand tech, a McAfee-sponsored survey shows that among 50-to-75-year-olds, 24 percent have dabbled in the fine art of sexting. And they act like we’re the hornballs.

The survey, Salon reports, defines sexting as sending “personal or intimate photos and messages” by text, email or social media–social media! Not to ruin your Thursday, but that means your dad could be getting in touch with his inner Weiner and sending gross shirtless pics via Twitter DM right this minute. Yikes.

This isn’t too surprising, though–we’re talking about a cohort that, despite some modern-day stodginess, once referred to itself as the free love generation. And what could be more freeing than the occasional Snapchat boob pic?

So the next time you wonder why the hell your single aunt just had to get the smartphone with the highest-possible quality camera at the mall last weekend, remember this study. Or plug your fingers in your ears and say, “la la la la la.”