Practice Your Speed Scrolling Because Instagram Is Introducing Ads Next Week

Great, more Macy's commercials in our lives.

A sample ad. (Photo: Instagram)

A sample ad for Ikea? (Photo: Instagram)

Starting next week, Instagram will no longer be free of ads. In a blog post, the Facebook-owned company announced today that it’s going to bother its American users with ads in their timelines.

The ads will look like any other post on the app, but with the addition of a blue “Sponsored” message stuck on top (which will make it easier for you to know what to ignore.) Instagram released a sample ad, and although it’s devoid of a mimosa or sunset, it seamlessly blends in with other pictures. If a user is bothered by an add, they can tap the “…” button where the ad can be hidden.

Since the company doesn’t want the roll out to be a total disaster, it announced that the first companies launching ads are the ones that understand the Instagram Aesthetic. Those include Ben and Jerry’s, Macy’s and Burberry, to name a few. The app first announced plans of its ad assault earlier this month as the “growing business” figured out monetization.

Fun fact: the first person to create an AdBlock for Instagram wins a MacArthur Foundation genius grant.