PSA: Korakrit Arunanondchai Will Repeat SculptureCenter Performance Saturday

From the original performance. (Courtesy BFA)

From the original performance. (Courtesy BFA)

If you missed Korakrit Arunanondchai’s performance at the SculptureCenter gala this week—and, let’s be honest, you probably did because tickets were very expensive—you’re in luck! Mr. Arunanondchai will re-stage his gala-stealing performance, which involves Thai men in denim smoking e-cigarettes, tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 12, at Suzanne Geiss Company in conjunction with the gallery’s “Digital Expressionism” show, in which Mr. Arunanondchai has work.

Other performers include Martín Guterrez and Lauren Devine. Details below:


JUST ADDED! : KORAKRIT ARUNANONDCHAI, going on at 6 pm sharp!

Performances Start at 6pm at 76 Grand Street NY, NY

Mas Ysa featuring Vishwam Velandy
Mas Ysa is the music of Thomas Arsenault.
Vishwam Velandy lives and works in luxury in Los Angeles.

Martín Guterrez
Martín will be performing 90s classics live, calling on his pop star alter ego ‘Martine’. Gutierrez is interested in nostalgia, creating a space where one can feel comfortable going to a sentimental place of happy personal association.

Lauren Devine
Appearance and live performance by pop star Lauren Devine to celebrate the release of her latest video and ringtone for her new single “Try Sexual”.