Really Attractive Michael Jackson T-Shirts Aim to Confuse Facial Recognition Software

What's worse, getting recognized by Facebook or wearing this?

Beat it, Facebook.

Beat it, Facebook.

If you think Lindsay Lohan’s hit 2004 single “Rumors” might have been written about your Facebook experience, have we got news for you. A new line of graphic T-shirts promises to confuse Facebook’s facial recognition technology so that the site will back up off you and/or let you live.

From PSFK:

“The ‘REALFACE Glamoflage’ T-shirts by Simone C. Niquille feature a variety of famous faces blended together in a way that gives them the appearance of fading in and out of reality, but more importantly, confuses facial recognition software.”

The artist hopes her shirts will befuddle the social network and trip up its algorithms. Bonus: the distinctive tops are clearly a great way to spot people who are up to no good in public, too, because they don’t want their faces recognized to be recognized.

The things are $65 a pop, but if you’re the paranoid type, online privacy is priceless.