Science Says Millennials Don’t Give a Crap About Lame Office Cell Phone Rules

Our iPhones are so warm and shiny, though.

There's always working from home. (Photo: Getty)

There’s always working from home. (Photo: Getty)

Millennials may be rubbish at moving out of our parents’ houses, saving for retirement and talking about things that aren’t ourselves, but we’re good at one thing: staring at our smartphones. And by God, you can’t take that away from us.

Case in point, a new poll from computer security company Fortinet proves that white-collar workers ages 21 to 32 don’t give a toss about your arbitrary workplace texting rules, the Washington Times reports.

Fortinet surveyed 3,200 employees and found that 51 percent “would ignore any policy in place banning the use of personal devices at work or for work purposes,” the Times says. This represents a 41-percent increase since the same survey last year, meaning millennials are incredibly giving even fewer fucks about the people around us as we age.

And 48 percent of respondents said they’re already planning on ignoring company policies to restrict the use of emergent mobile tech like Google Glass and smart watches, the Times reports, because millennials also are apparently getting nerdier as we age, too.