Shooting Off Those Last Few Texts In Bed Is Ruining Your Sleep

How are we going to participate in a WWHL texting poll though?

BB. (Photo: Flickr)

BB. (Photo: Flickr)

Here’s a novel idea: Once you hit the pillow, turn off your phone. A new study (aren’t they all?) reveals that those spate of pre-slumber text messages are leading to a poor night’s sleep.

The Psychology of Popular Media Culture surveyed nearly 100 annoying college students about the quality of sleep and the average number of texts they send every day. Results showed that the more text messages sent, the worse off the night’s sleep is — probably due to all those tired fingers.

According to Today, the authors noted the problem was after they sent their texts, their needy friends would text them back. As a result the phone buzzing or beeping ruins the person’s REM cycle and knocks them from a healthy sleep pattern. Even worse, the students feel pressured to respond to said text, no matter how late (or early) it is.

And, like we told you in August, messaging before you sleep can result in “sleep texting,” the digital version of “sleep eating” without all the calories. Aside from throwing your phone out the window every night, researchers recommend setting the “Do Not Disturb” mode and setting the phone face down so the backlight doesn’t intrude on your eye balls.

Or you could get rid of all of your phones and resolve this problem once and for all.