Some Geniuses Finally Invented a Purse That Charges Your iPhone

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Never miss another sext. (Photo:

Never miss another sext. (Photo:

Getting caught with a dead phone is terrifying. What if someone tries to abduct you and you have no way of calling 9-1-1? What if you get lost and have no way to access Google Maps? What if someone’s texting you?

But now, there’s a new way to keep your phone charged without begging the restaurant hostess to let you use the outlet by the door while you eat. Yes, a purse has been invented that can fully charge your phone twice a day without being plugged in.

The Everpurse works with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 5c, as well as Samsung Galaxy S III and S IV. Users simply slide the phone into the purse’s built-in docking system, which will connect to the phone and start charging it. You can recharge the purse by plopping it onto a plugged-in mat.

It’s pretty small and (sorry) not that cute, so expect to use this for tampon or makeup storage within your gigantic actual purse. Everpurse comes in a bevy of colors and fabrics, ranging in price from $189 to $319. The founders told Fast Company they’re working on dude-friendly backpack and briefcase prototypes too.

Now all we need is a pair of wedges with built-in WiFi routers and we’re good.