Somehow They Made Google Glass a Little Dorkier

That earbud, wow.

Cool Glass for a cool dude. (Photo: Google)

Cool Glass for a cool dude. (Photo: Google)

Google recently announced that later this year, Glass Explorers will get a chance to swap out their prototype future specs for an updated model.

Yesterday, the company released photos of what they’ll be receiving. It looks pretty much the same, except now it’ll come with a “mono earbud” that will make the apparatus look, if possible, even dorkier. The good news is it’s detachable, so get excited about another addition to your tangled sack o’ electronics.

Explorers will soon be able to invite friends to the program–the better to roll up to Buffalo Wild Wings with your whole crew matching. Also, the new model works with prescription frames. Get excited, four eyes!

But before the company rolls the device out to the wider world, they might want to do a little lobbying of local law enforcement: Engadget reports that a California woman recently received a ticket for driving while wearing her Glass. But unless Google ups its fashion game, it’s hard to imagine this’ll be a big problem for the State Patrol.