Study Claims Workers Are Twice as Productive Thanks to Tech, Despite Candy Crush

So we should all be making twice as much money, right?

Yup, killin it. (Photo: Getty)

Yup, killin it. (Photo: Getty)

Some people (not us, please) find technology to be distracting at work. How can one settle for crunching numbers and filling out forms when the fruits of Instagram, Snapchat and even Tinder are constantly ripe for perusal?

But a recent study shows that the average worker is almost twice as productive now than the average worker in the 1970s was, the Telegraph reports. And it’s not because we’re no longer being distracted by garish polyester sportcoats and rampant sexual harassment in the workplace.

Instead, “research cites the development of technologies such as the mobile phone, email and business software for the change,” the Telegraph says. Not only is tech more advanced, it’s also cheaper.

But before you start patting yourself on the back and thinking you deserve a raise, “increased productivity must not be confused with working harder,” Debbie Downer and O2 business director Ben Dowd says. Whatever dude, next time we feel guilty about taking a quick break from work for a little ridiculous midday Snapchat action, we’re keeping this study in mind.