Terrifyingly Creative Christopher Walken Rex Finally Finished

And unfortunately, the creature is almost homeless.

Christopher Walken Rex in its final construction phases (Photo: Facebook)

Christopher Walken Rex in its final construction phases. (Facebook)

Arguably the most genius master plan of our generation has finally come to grand, green, sixteen-foot-tall fruition:  Christopher Walken Rex is finally alive.

Last April, Lower East Side teenager Ethan Cyr created an Indiegogo page to finance his ultimate art project: Christopher Walken Rex, “a roughly thirteen foot tall tyrannosaurus with Christopher Walken’s head.”

“I was inspired to design and build this piece after watching the movie Queen of Versailles,” Mr. Cyr wrote on the page. “I saw how rich those kids were, and their lack of creation with all that money. I decided if I could get that much money I would make something great. The Walken Rex was originally thought of by a friend of mine, we are not completely sure where he got the idea from, but it seemed like the perfect thing to build.”

Apparently epic celebrity-dinosaur sculptural mashups was a niche that needed filling. Mr. Cyr originally asked for $750 to complete his goal—and ended up making $2,680.

The plan (Facebook).

The plan (Facebook).

And now, after a summer of hard work, the giant statue has finally been erected in the East Village’s First Park.

Despite being one of the most genuinely fabulous works of art we’ve seen in a long time (sorry-we’re not-sorry, Banksy), Christopher Walken Rex may soon be homeless.

“It is still in the garden, and will be there until November 2nd, after which we will not have a home for it,” Mr. Cyr told The Observer over email.

The crew works on painting their masterpiece. (Photo: Facebook)

The crew works on painting their masterpiece. (Facebook)

No matter what happens to Christopher Walken Rex, we’re proud of Mr. Cyr and his buddies for bringing their dream—albeit an extremely twisted and absurd one—to life. And we’re certain Christopher Walken is incredibly honored.

We don't even know which is the original. (Photo: Facebook)

We don’t even know which is the original. (Facebook)