The Huffington Post Gets Its Own Testicle-Eating Fish

Testicle-Eating Fish

The Testicle-Eating Fish at HuffPost

The Huffington Post has a new office pet: a testicle-eating fish.

The pacu, which is related to the piranha, is a native of the Amazon but has lately been turning up in places like New Jersey, Denmark, France and, now, in a fish tank in HuffPo’s Weird News department.

The fish has wide teeth and strong jaw muscles, perfect for cracking open tree nuts. Unfortunately, they have been known to confuse tree nuts with other, um, nuts.

Apparently, pet stores have mistakenly sold the fish to customers intending to purchase piranhas. When the pacu grows too big (they can grow to be 55 lbs and 3 feet, so roughly the size of a second grader), the owners dump them into local bodies of water, where they are caught by fishermen and end up on the local news and blogs.

HuffPost has been pretty active on the pacu beat, so we guess it makes sense that the company would get one of its own? Why not? After all, The HuffPost office already has yoga rooms and nap pods.

Anyway, the testicle-eating office pet will be a guest on HuffPost Live this evening. The company is still deciding on names and open to suggestions.

Happy Friday!

pacu, the testicle-eating fish

pacu, the testicle-eating fish