This $1.5 Million Giant Television From Neiman Marcus Sounds Like Reasonable Gift

The 300 pre-installed movies makes this WORTH IT.

Looks like a billboard? (Photo: Neiman Marcus)

Looks like a billboard? (Photo: Neiman Marcus)

Not to alarm you, but we’re only 67 days away from Christmas. So, if you’re struggling to get a gift for the person that has everything–and have a budget that rivals a Saudi prince– then pick up copy of Neiman Marcus’s Christmas Book. Shuffled between reasonably priced $5,000 crinkly looking handbags and $400 cashmere ponchos, there’s this beauty: the “Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System” that’ll cost you a cool $1.5 million.

Apparently relegated to showing B-roll of Neiman Marcus models, the system includes a 201″ (waterproof!) outdoor screen, a DirecTV hook up, several speakers, two iPad Minis, and a Blu-Ray player. This beauty of a system, which totally doesn’t shout that you’re compensating for anything, is designed by Porsche.

Drop another million dollars, and as CNET notes that you’ll get two gigantic outdoor loudspeakers to blow out your neighborss windows with. Careful, because all that shouting on Real Housewives of Atlanta will probably raise some complaints with the HOA.

The price doesn’t include shipping or handling, but the real bargain here is that installation is free. Neimans notes that for every purchase, it’ll donate $10,000 to charity so that should ease the pain of being an intolerable asshole, a bit.