This Clip-on GPS Will Keep Track of Your Kid While She Runs Around Like a Maniac

It also works on Rottweilers.

Peace out, olds, I'm heading to Iceland. (Photo: Wonder Technology Solutions)

Peace out, olds, I have a lunch thing in Iceland to get to. (Photo: Wonder Technology Solutions)

Parenting is hard, but thankfully, tech is around to #disrupt the less joyful aspects of mother- and fatherhood.

For example, keeping track of your kid–what a drag! Who’s got the time? Thankfully, now you can clip a new product called the Trax GPS tracker onto your child’s lapel, safe in the knowledge that you can knock back a few Amstel Lights while little Madison terrorizes party guests.

The tracker comes from Swedish startup Wonder Technology Solutions, CNet says, and it can also be used for pets, because what’s the difference between your two-year-old son and a common beagle, anyhow?

It’s one of the smallest GPS products on the market, CNet reports, and it’s water- and drop-proof. It works in 30 countries worldwide, so it’s especially useful if your kid is an international crime fighter. Sounds great, unless little Oliver takes off the jacket to which you’ve clipped it, in which case all bets are off.