To Do Friday: Lap Dance Class

jo weldon 2 -

Burlesque author Jo Weldon demonstrates the hypnotic dance. (Photo:

If “lap dance” brings to mind something just for the guys, think again. This isn’t just any lap dance class—it’s taught by the one and only Jo Weldon, author of The Burlesque Handbook, who has instructed everyone from Leighton Meester for Gossip Girl, Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York and Margaret Cho in the art of striptease and burlesque. She even produced a fan dance video for Christina Aguilera (watch it here). So you’ll be learning from the best “how to engage eye contact, breath, scent, proximity and touch to make it seem as if that chair is the center of the sexy universe.” Women only, and no nudity. These are tasteful lap dances, mind you, not just bumping and grinding. As Weldon told The Observer, “It’s pure fun for participants even if they never use the techniques. What they take away in understanding the psychology and theatricality of exotic dancing can serve them not just as seductresses, but in everyday communication through paying attention to receptiveness and reaction.”

New York Academy of Sex Education, 81 White Street, 646-470-5129, $25