Was That Your Drone That Almost Clocked a Businessman? The NYPD Wants a Word

David Karp, you're not in the clear.

View from the drone. (Photo: WABC)

View from the drone. (Photo: WABC)

Remember that mysterious drone that plopped out of the sky and came within a few feet of bopping a businessman on the head? Well, the New York Police Department would like to have a word with the unidentified operator to see what he was doing with the Phantom Quadcopter.

The New York Daily News reports that the NYPD has a complaint on a file and would like to find the man on the drone’s video footage. The tape was obtained by WABC-TV and showed the drone careening into several buildings before it lost control and slammed into the ground.

Initially, cops told the suit reporting the incident they weren’t going to do anything, “because they said no law was broken.”

According to FAA rules, it’s legal to operate the drone under 400 feet (the businessman said it was zipping twenty to thirty stories high), but only in unpopulated areas. Obviously flying a drone in the middle of midtown during rush hour between buildings is a safety hazard–and illegal.

So, which one of you did this? Fess up.