Winners and Losers: Week of the shutdown


Brendan Byrne

The former Democratic governor who seems to grow ever more popular the older he gets was honored this week with a statue in front of the Essex County Courthouse in Newark.  Gov. Chris Christie along with former Governors Tom Kean, Jim Florio and Jim McGreevey were on hand.

Felix Roque

The formerly embattled mayor of West New York hit the daily double this week with a not guilty verdict in his hacking trial and the failure of an attempt to recall him.

Luis Quintana

The would-be acting mayor got the backing this week of none other than former Newark Mayor Sharpe James, who seems to be doing his best Phoenix impression after a stint in prison.

Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina

The Superior Court Assignment Judge was nominated by Gov. Chris Christie this week to sit on the state Supreme Court.  Democrats have signaled they’re OK with the nomination and plan to give him a hearing this month.

Same Sex Couples

The gay marriage roller-coaster continues.  Last week, a judge ordered that same sex marriages should begin in the state next week, and this week, a Republican Assemblyman who voted “No” on gay marriage said he’d be in favor of an override of the governor’s veto. 

Paul Brubaker

The former spokesman for Sen. Bob Menendez was promoted to state director, replacing outgoing front man Mike Soliman.

Jerry Speziale

The former Passaic County sheriff turned Port Authority cop got what he’s been longing for this week.  Speziale was named police chief in Prichard, Alabama.

Steve Lonegan

The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate had a big week of endorsements, snagging the backing of two darlings of the conservative movement, Gov. Rick Perry and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Lonegan also got the backing of the NRA, which is irrelevant if it doesn’t come with money but significant if the gun rights group forks over some cash.  Booker still leads the race by 13, according to the latest poll.

Steve Sweeney

The Democratic Senate President was front and center this week at a Rowan University groundbreaking where he and Gov. Chris Christie played the dynamic duo of bipartisanship.

Gubernatorial Race Winner: Chris Christie

A new poll shows Christie’s lead holding at about 20 points with just over a month to go.  He still has a huge money advantage and he’s capitalizing politically on the government shutdown by ramping up his message of bipartisanship. 


Joe DiVincenzo

Johnny Law, or at least the Election Law Enforcement Commission, caught up with the Essex County Exec this week, filing a complaint over lavish spending in his campaign finance account. The complaint alleges that the campaign Joe “D” authorized $71,810 of unreported funds and $16,548 of funds deemed impermissible.


We don’t really need to explain this one do we?

Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt 

A poll released late last week shows the LD1 Republican down by 33 points in her bid to unseat incumbent Democratic state Sen. Jeff Van Drew.  What’s more, an interview gaffe in which she misused the word suffrage had some questioning whether she was the right person for the job.


Winners and Losers: Week of the shutdown