Yawning Travelers Receive Free Coffee Thanks to the Magic of Facial Recognition Software

But when do we get one in our kitchen?

coffee vending machineOnly boring people are bored. But sometimes it’s okay to be a boring person, because it might get you an automatic cup of joe thanks to this fancy new coffee maker, provided you yawn in its face.

The vending machine is a branded publicity stunt, as most free drink dispensers historically have been. It’s part of Dutch company Douwe Egberts’ “Bye Bye Red Eye” campaign.

The company is setting up coffee machines in airports, DVice reports, with facial recognition software that, when it catches you yawning, covers your face with a digital Lord Voldemort mask then produces some coffee.

Cue conspiracy theorists saying this is all a ploy from the conniving Dutch government to file away the faces of people who use airports.