YouTube Apparently Down For Some Users — Down to Make Monkey Jokes, That Is :(

Come onnn it's supposed to be procrastination day.

Worst Friday, Friday ever.

In the meantime here’s this gif.

YouTube appears to be down for some users, according to anecdotal data and the pretty reliable

“It blows,” a local woman said of the outage via Gchat.

Some users are getting a message informing them of a 500 Internal Server Error, with the notice, “Something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation,” and then cringing with a mix of pity and secondhand embarrassment for the developer who thought that was a clever way to notify users of an error.

We’ve contacted YouTube and Google to inquire about the outage, and are waiting to hear back. Check back for updates. The site is still working on this computer, plus it’s Friday, so Betabeat will take this as an opportunity to watch Beyoncé videos for the rest of the day because who are we to question fate.