A Quick Fix for The Fix

The Fix logo

The Fix logo

The Fix is all fixed up and ready for a new chapter in covering recovery. 

The addiction news website that Radar founder and media vet Maer Roshan started in 2011 is back from bankruptcy. LA Weekly founder and life coach Jay Levin is relaunching the site under the ownership of Clean and Sober Media, LLC, which bought the site out of bankruptcy.

Mr. Roshan left in 2012 amid lawsuits, relapse and allegations of wrongful termination. Recovery Media, the former owner of The Fix, filed for bankruptcy this past July.

But that is all in the past. The future is The Fix.

“It’s history for us, I mean, new company, new team, although we’ve maintained a couple people, but basically it’s a new company, new team, same mission, you know, deeper pockets,” Mr. Levin said about the bad vibes surrounding the old site. (He’s based in California.)

“We’re off to a fresh start. The court is taking care of creditors; any toxicity that may have happened is between those people, so we don’t really have much to say about it or an engagement with it.”

Under Mr. Levin’s leadership, The Fix will expand to include coverage of mental health and addictions other than drugs and alcohol, as well as continuing to cover addiction, sober living and treatment. Mr. Levin frequently draws on his studies in spiritual psychology when talking about the new direction of The Fix and referenced nuclear warfare several times during a brief telephone interview.

“The pain of dealing with your inner life trauma can have people addicted to everything from Facebook to porn, lots of other areas. I want to carefully explore those,” Mr. Levin said of his plans. “We want to keep on the cutting edge of treatment modalities, and we definitely want to open up the personal experience, so the site becomes stickier, so there’s a number of ways we’re going to experiment with people being more engaged in that.”