Although Full of Other Rich People Things, Most Ladymags Lack Tech Coverage

Guess you will have to keep returning to Betabeat for your sexy Tumblr slideshows.

We'd honestly love to hear Miley's thoughts on Tinder. (Photo:

We’d honestly love to hear Miley’s thoughts on Tinder. (Photo:

On the heels of some promising ladies in tech news, today we learn that most women’s interest magazines are pretty much ignoring that technology even exists.

A campaigning agency in the UK called Lady Geek recently found that fewer than 2 percent of pages in top British and American mags refer to anything tech related, Business Insider reports. And in November’s editions, there were zero articles primarily about technology.

We can’t say we blame the ladymags for ignoring the industry. Tech is trying to bludgeon print media to death most of the time, anyway. But, BI points out, “a recent study on TrendSight … suggests women spend more on smartphones and other gadgets than men do,” and women influence 57 percent of new technology purchases.

If the Cosmos and Glamours of the world need a little nudge in the tech direction, we fully support it. Somebody’s got to test drive the alarm clock vibrator and Betabeat can’t do all the heavy lifting around here.