Attention Normals: Soon There’ll Be Prescription Lenses Just for Google Glass

A solution to another problem you didn't you had!

This..doesn't make it any better? (Photo: Google+)

This..doesn’t make it any better? (Photo: Google+)

Google’s plans to add prescription lenses to Glass are finally becoming….20/20. Friday! Anyway, Venture Glass partner Tim Moore announced on his Google+ page (naturally) that his company, Rochester Glass, will make prescription lenses for the face computers.

Although pricing hasn’t yet been released, the “custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses” will be available for purchase early next year. The lenses, which are being assembled in the upstate city, will include tints, matching frames and transitions since the number one problem your Glass faces is that it isn’t dorky enough.

It’s unclear what this does with Google’s rumored partnership with Warby Parker that circulated last February. Goog has been silent about that and for all we know, it might have never left the planning stages. However, the deal with Rochester Glass means the search giant wants to further assimilate the $1,500 face computers with normals and expand its consumer base.

But thank god this stops us from sliding our Glass over Warbys, because that was getting so tiring.