Bill Bratton Says Bill de Blasio Hasn’t Contacted Him About NYPD Gig

Bill Bratton today.

Bill Bratton today.

Bill Bratton, one of Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s favored candidates for police commissioner, says he’s interested in the top cop position, but that no one from Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s team has reached out with an offer.

“I have not had the opportunity to meet with the mayor and his people as of this time,” Mr. Bratton said today when asked before a transit forum whether Mr. de Blasio had made an offer. “I’m not applying for the job. If asked I’ll certainly consider it. But I’m not submitting an application if you will.”

Mr. de Blasio has yet to announce any administration appointments–including police commissioner–but has made clear that the current commissioner, Ray Kelly, will not be kept on the job. He has provided some hints, however, citing Mr. Bratton, a former police commissioner in the Giuliani administration, as well as Phillip Banks, the NYPD’s current chief of Department repeatedly during the campaign. A third candidate, First Deputy Police Commissioner Rafael Piniero, has also met with Mr. de Blasio and is openly lobbying for the job in the press.

Although more guarded about his intentions than Mr. Piniero, Mr. Bratton did praise part of Mr. de Blasio’s public safety agenda in a speech in front of the group, endorsing his goal of reducing pedestrian fatalities to zero.

“Arguably, it has the capacity to continue going down,” Mr. Bratton said of the city’s crime rate. “Similarly, in this area, I would argue there’s a police department duty to make further gains in this, moving towards what’s been stated as Mayor de Blasio’s goal of zero [pedestrian] fatality situations.”

“In a city that is a walking city–that’s one of the great things about this city is the idea that it is so much a walking city–similar to what occurred in the 90s with crime, there’s more that can be done with this issue,” he later added.

Update (12:54 p.m.): A spokeswoman for Mr. de Blasio wouldn’t confirm if Mr. Bratton was in the running.

“Every name that’s out there is nothing more than speculation at this point.  The transition is focused on identifying a commissioner with the experience and leadership to effectively run the NYPD, keep New Yorkers safe and who is committed to bringing police and community back together,” said spokeswoman Lis Smith.