Booting Up: ‘Selfie’ Named Word of the Year, But At Least It’s Not ‘Moist’

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)

Starting today, Uber passengers can now pay for their rides using PayPal. [GigaOM]

We’d love to be at the meeting between the RapGenius guys and the songwriters’ group accusing them of stealing their work. [The Wrap]

The usage of the word “selfie” shot up 17,000% since two years ago with the Instagram accounts of Betabeat’s staff accounting for half of that. [USA Today]

If you have all of your 401(k) invested in Bitcoins, yesterday was a worrying time since it lost nearly $300 of its value in a half hour. [GeekWire]

The founders of Myspace blame Rupert Murdoch for destroying the site and nothing else. [Huffington Post]