Booting Up: Twitter’s IPO Is Today But Don’t Expect Any ‘Lame or Douchey’ Parties

Subtle. (Photo: Twitter)

Subtle. (Photo: Twitter)

Twitter’s IPO is opening at $26 a share with 70 million shares up for grabs. That puts the company’s valuation at $18.1 billion. [New York Times]

But some analysts are wary the stock might “moonshot” at open explode to $40 or higher, which nobody wants because, hi, Facebook. [CNBC]

Twitter employees aren’t planning any big bashes because they “don’t want to come off lame or douchey.” If you weren’t invited to anything, just say so you guys! [AllThingsD]

There’s absolutely no pressure on the New York Stock Exchange to perfectly execute today’s trading as the entire world watches. [USA Today]

All the questions you were afraid to ask about the Twitter IPO are answered here. [Guardian]