Connecticut Republican Campaigns Against Communist de Blasio

A scene from the ad.

A scene from the ad.

Tom Foley is campaigning to become the next governor of the Nutmeg State–by bashing New York’s mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio.

Mr. Foley released a new campaign commercial this week targeting New Yorkers wary of Mr. de Blasio’s tax-the-rich agenda as the Republican seeks to unseat incumbent Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy next year.

To make the argument, Mr. Foley’s ad displays a recent New York Post cover featuring Mr. de Blasio’s face next to communist imagery. (“Marxist” charges were, for a time, employed by Mr. de Blasio’s unsuccessful rival in the mayor’s race; Mr. de Blasio dismissed them as “silly.”)

“Hey, New York City!’’ Mr. Foley declares in his spot. “With your new mayor, I know many of you are thinking about leaving. Connecticut, with the same progressive policies you are about to see in your city, may not be first on your mind.”

“But wait a second!” comes the pivot. “Connecticut next year will probably elect a new governor … So enjoy one more year in your city, and then come join us in Connecticut.”

According to the Hartford Courant, Mr. Foley’s ad was set to start playing on NY1 and Fox News today.

The de Blasio campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Watch the ad below: